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Moving is never considered to be an easy task, even when you are moving next door. That is especially true when organizing a relocation in New York City. 

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Our team of professional and well-trained staff will take care of all your valuable belongings during local relocation. Whether you are changing house, condo, or dorm within a 50-miles radius, we got you covered. Checkmate moving is a local-based company that will help you move smoothly to the new place you will call home

What is the cost of a local move?

When determining the price of a move, the decisive factor is distance. Other factors can also influence the price, such as package and storage services. With us, you don’t have to worry about the hidden costs! We offer fair and transparent prices based on the inventory list we make together. Call us today so we can organize a free quote consultation in person or virtual!

Why you should hire movers for your local relocation?

There is a wide range of benefits when hiring professional movers for your next relocation. 

  • Professional packers can anticipate your needs and bring in advance all the necessary suppliers you may need at the last moment.
  • All your items are treated with genuine care and knowledge, no matter if it’s a china cabinet, fish tank, or television that you are moving.

Checkmate moving is ready to face all the challenges within your area and ease the relocation process for you. This will allow you to focus on your daily tasks and responsibilities without the burden that moving can bring.

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